Bodyweight Bundle Contributors

In just a few days on March 24th Bodyweight Bundle will be released to the world. In case you missed my first blog post Bodyweight Bundle is a new bundle sale website, but this one is focused on the world of online fitness programs.

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What You Get With Bodyweight Bundle

To be more exact, this bundle sale will be based around Bodyweight Exercises and Todd Kuslikis has made sure to assemble the biggest and best names in the world of Bodyweight Exercise products. Most bundle sites feature really low grade products or programs from unknown authors, but Todd made sure to only reach out to the best.

Bodyweight Bundle

On the official Bodyweight Bundle website Todd makes the claim that it be well over $997 in products all for the extreme low price of $37.00

This is perfect for anyone who wished they access to some of the other online fitness programs, but were only able to afford one or the other. So thanks to Bodyweight Bundle you’ll be able to get all the products you wanted in one easy, simple package.

In this blog post I wanted to breakdown all the contributors to this Bodyweight Bundle project. So below is a current list of everyone who has given a product for Todd new website.

Bodyweight Muscle Building/Strength Ebooks:

  • Craig Ballantyne: Bodyweight Bodybuilding 2.0
  • Todd Kuslikis: Bodyweight Overload
  • Forest Vance: Bodyweight Strong
  • Nick Nilsson: The Best Bodyweight Exercises
  • Benjamin Teal: Bodyweight Mayhem
  • Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock: Bodyweight Exercise Revolution
  • Travis Stoetzel: Project: Mobile & Hostile

Bodyweight Fat Loss Ebooks:

  • Vic Magary: Final 5 Formula
  • Hugo Rivera & Anthony Alayon:6 Months Subscription to Univ of Abs

Bodyweight Play/Tricks Ebooks:

  • Logan Christopher: Secrets of the Handstand
  • Thomas Tapp: In Home Parkour Fitness
  • Khaled Allen: Bodyweight Play
  • Sean Rogers: Essential Parkour Techniques

Bodyweight Workout Videos/Ebooks:

  • Mike Whitfield: Bodyweight Workout Finishers
  • Funk Roberts: Bodyweight Beastmode
  • Chad Howse: Bodyweight Boxing Program
  • Georgette Pann: Bodyweight Bootcamp Workouts
  • Kate Vidulich: Bodyweight Accelerators 2.0
  • Nia Shanks: Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide

Bodyweight Nutrition/Recipe Ebooks:

  • Lacy Arnold: LeanMoms LM4 Recipe Book
  • Todd Dosenberry: Primal Smoothies
  • Dr. Clarissa Hope: Fat Burning Breakfast Recipes
  • Chris Freytag: Getting Started With Clean Eating
  • Ben Hirshberg: A Simple Guide to Mindful & Intuitive Eating

Bodyweight Rehab/Warm Up/Stretching:

  • Rick Kaselj: The Bodyweight Joint Rehab Program
  • Tyler Bramlett: The Warrior Flexibility Program
  • Brian Shiff: The Ultimate Rotator Cuff Training Guide
  • Tee Major: Dynamic Warm Up

==>> Click Here To Visit The Official Bodyweight Bundle Website

This is the CURRENT complete list, but Todd Kuslikis is claiming that he will be adding even more contributors before the official launch of Bodyweight Bundle. Although I’m not sure of who he is talking about, but the sky is the limit with Todd as he is pretty well connected.

Well I got to run, but I wanted to make sure you knew exactly what you were getting with Bodyweight Bundle.